Sabina Bilder Rosenfeld

My fascination with sewing started with making Barbie Doll clothes out of upholstery fabric samples.  After all, the poor girl had only a black and white striped bathing suit and needed something to wear on dry land.  My formal introduction to sewing was in 7th grade sewing class with my first project being a Girl Scout green chambray a-line skirt.  I honed my skills during several more high school sewing classes and eventually entered Indiana University, Bloomington in the 70s as a Home Ec major in Clothing Construction.

My love of quilting began in the mid-70s after seeing a magazine cover of a "postage stamp" quilt of a still life fruit bowl.  My earliest works were cut one piece at a time with scissors (who knew about rotary cutters) and were hand pieced and quilted.  I drifted away from quilting (and garment making as well) for many years until this past year.

In January of 2016, I realized that I had played one too many games of Solitaire on my i-pad and decided to look at my old fabric stash.  I began searching local fabric shops and discovered on-line shops as well.  A small fortune later, I began creating traditional quilts and anything I could think of to use the many beautiful fabrics I had accumulated.

My sources of inspiration are many.  I am grateful to all the quilters who share their designs, ideas and techniques on the internet.  The instructional videos are wonderful tools.  I am also greatly indebted to the people who make all this gorgeous fabric, especially the makers of batiks who work in horrendous conditions. 

Tel. 412-496-9273  I sabinarosenfeld@gmail.com

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